Please come on in and relax and enjoy yourself. I give all the glory to God for any talent

I have. After all, if He hadn't created me then none of this would exist.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dr. Who Birthday Card

One of my grandsons is a Dr. Who fanatic, so I decided to make him a Tardis Birthday card (those of you who love Dr. Who will know what I am talking about).

I have Close to My Heart Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge that happens to have a phone booth card on it. I just had to do a few things to customize it. I printed the saying with my computer.

I hope you like it as well as my grandson.

Monday, February 16, 2015

First card in a box

I have been looking at those Cards in a box on everyone's websites and on Pinterest for a year now, but I was hesitant to try and make one because they looked too complicated. Well, my New Year's resolution was to try new things concerning my card making and scrapbooking. So I decided to try one. Guess what? It's not that hard after all!

What I like about the Card in a Box is that you can make one to fit just about any occasion. So here is one of my first efforts.

I am sure as I learn more and get more experience, they will be more embellished, but I thought it wasn't bad for my first.